Celebrities & Speakers

Frank Cho

Writer, Illustrator
Booth C4

Andrew Aydin

NYT Best Selling Author
Booth C13

Kyle Higgins

NYT Best Seller
Booth C6

Raymond Turpin

Psychologist, Exec. Director of The Pearl Psychedelic Institute

Hope Larson

NYT Best Seller, Eisner Award Winner, AVL Local
Booth C11

Matthew K. Manning

Comic Book Author, AVL Local
Booth E2

Mark Russell

Award-Winning Writer, Eisner Award Winner
Booth C7

Fred van Lente

NYT Best Selling Writer, Novelist, and Playwright
Booth C9

Stephanie Williams

Comic Book Historian, Comic Creator
Booth C5

Rich Diviney

Ret. Navy SEAL, Speaker, Facilitator, & Consultant
Booth C12

R. Graham Reynolds

Professor at UNC Asheville, Nat. Geo. Explorer

Donald Robertson

Author, Philosopher, Historian

Bruce Waller

Co-Founder Black Wall Street AVL
Booth C16

Brennan Mejia

Fitness Expert, Actor
Booth C8

Alex Morrisey

Writer, Designer, Illustrator, AVL Local
Booth C19

Jeff Messer

Eisner Award Nominee, AVL Local
Booth E8

Dmitrious Bistrevsky

Actor, Circus Performer
Booth C1

Gregory Dickens

Comic Book Creator
Booth E20

Matt D. Wilson

Writer, Podcaster, NC Local
Booth E19

Laura Banks

Actor, Stand-up, Author
Booth E13

Chris Sparks

Co-Founder Team Cul de Sac, Eisner Nominee
Booth E7

Sheneen Daniels, PhD

Child Psychologist

Andrea Molinari

Comic Writer, Creator, & Editor
Booth E4-5

Rico Renzi

Artist, Colorist, Designer
Booth E3

Wayne Grayson

Voice Actor, Director
Booth C14

Todd Langen

Booth C3

Tom Fleming

Artist, Illustrator, Chelsea Award Nom
Booth E39

Donna Glee Williams, PhD

Author, Blue Ridge Local
Booth C15

Nick Filardi

Artist, Illustrator, Chelsea Award Nom
Booth E38

Jason Keith

Marvel Colorist, Eisner Award nominee
Booth C20

Raymond Gay

Comic Artist
Booth E37

Dr. Courtney Clark-Hachel

Assistant Prof. UNC-A, tardigrade expert

Matt Webb

Comic Colorist, NC Local
Booth E21

Jakeli Swimmer

Cherokee (EBCI) Cartoonist & Graphic Designer
Booth E12

Gordon Smith

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, AVL local

Lynn Morgan Rosser

Vocalist, Songwriter, Writer, Mother, Director

Greg Burnham

Writer of childrens books and comics

Marcus Williams

Artist & Illustrator
Booth E1

Chuck Brown

Eisner and Ringo award-winner
Booth C17

Marc Thompson

American voice actor
Booth E56

Matt Knowles

Comic Writer, Content Creator
Booth E4-5

Topher Williams

Illustrator, Writer, Comic Creator
Booth E4-5

Richard Rivera

Exec. VP – Scout Comics
Booth E4-5

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