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How to Train Like Batman

Saturday, Sept. 30, 12:00pm Room 1

We ask Batman writer, Kyle Higgins, Batman researcher Matthew K. Manning, and former member of SEAL Team Six, Rich Diviney, “What would it take to attain the physical fitness and mental acuity of Batman?”

Intro Into Video Game Design (pt. 1)

Saturday, Sept. 30, 12:00pm Room 2

Part one of a two-part workshop on the basics of video game design with game design consultant and VR gaming developer, Brett McCall.

Comic Books as a Medium for Intellectual Discourse

Saturday, Sept. 30, 12:00pm Room 3

We ask experienced experts and writers to share their perspectives on WHY comic books are a great medium for intellectual discourse.


Love and Capes: Comic Books and Romance Novels

Saturday, Sept. 30, 1:00pm Room 1
Stephanie Williams leads a steamy discussion of the surprising similarities between comic books and romance novels.

A Creator’s Journey

Saturday, Sept. 30, 1:00pm Room 2
Join creative team Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams as they share their struggles and triumphs breaking into the comic book world.

Trauma, Rites of Passage, and the Hero’s Journey

Saturday, Sept. 30, 1:00pm Room 3
Origin stories often involve a traumatic event. We explore the connection between trauma and rites of passage as an integral element to the hero’s journey, and how the journey can lead to growth and healing.


The Greatest Cherokee Myth: The Retelling of the Full-Blooded Indian Princess

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2:00pm Room 1
Experience the magic of traditional native storytelling with Jakeli Swimmer, local storyteller, and others from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Building Your Own PC

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2:00pm Room 2
Do you want to build your own gaming computer, but don’t know how to get started? The team from Emergency Tech Repair and Knight Gaming Computer will walk you through how to build your own PC step-by-step.


Coloring the Panels

Saturday, Sept. 30, 3:00pm Room 1

A discussion of the art, nuance, and importance of well-colored panels with some of the artform’s best!

Dreamwork Workshop for Creators

Saturday, Sept. 30, 3:00pm Room 2

Fantasy author and experienced dreamworker, Donna Glee Williams, leads a personal and introspective workshop on using dreamwork to tap into our creativity.

The Myriad Lessons of Afrofuturism

Saturday, Sept. 30, 3:00pm Room 3

Join us for an in-depth discussion of Afrofuturism and its origins, importance, and impact on modern media and culture.


They Came from Outer Space! A Hands-On Adventure with Meteorites

Saturday, Sept. 30, 4:00pm Room 1

Join the team from the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) for a fun, educational, and hands-on exploration of meteorites! We will have real meteorites and moon rocks for you to see and hold!

Ben Grimm, Bruce Banner, and the Shadow Self

Saturday, Sept. 30, 4:00pm Room 2

Mark Russell (writer of Fantastic Four: Life Story) sits down with psychologist Dr. Raymond Turpin to take a Jungian perspective toward the Incredible Hulk and the Ever Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing about the costs and benefits of their respective approaches to their inner “monster.”

Peter Parker, Responsibility, and Resiliency

Saturday, Sept. 30, 4:00pm Room 3

Why is Spider-Man known as one of the greatest heroes? Many believe it’s his capacity to not only bounce back from mishaps, but to grow stronger in the face of these adversities. What can we learn about ourselves from the life of our favorite wallcrawler?


Comics for All Ages

Saturday, Sept. 30, 5:00pm Room 1

Come hear experts discuss crafting intelligent and relatable narratives for young readers. Discover how comics foster growth, encourage diversity, and spark curiosity while respecting young minds.

Writing for Comics

Saturday, Sept. 30, 5:00pm Room 2
An in-depth look at the unique opportunities and challenges of writing for comic books with experienced creators.

Saving Our Heroes with Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Saturday, Sept. 30, 5:00pm Room 3

Continuing Dr. Turpin’s talk from Beer City CONx, he’ll go further into the psychological evidence and impact of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and its potential to treat PTSD.



Making Comics “The Marvel Way”

Sunday, Oct. 1, 1:00pm Room 1

For years, people have discussed the differences in making comics for Marvel vs. other publishers. Does the tradition hold true?

Intro Into Game Design (pt. 2)

Sunday, Oct. 1, 1:00pm Room 2

Rejoin us for the other half of our two-part series on the basics of video game design with game design consultant and VR gaming developer, Brett McCall. (Must attend Part 1 prior to Part 2)

Changing the World With Comic Books

Sunday, Oct. 1, 1:00pm Room 3

How can we use comic books to positively impact our society and communities? We ask creators Chuck Brown and Andrew Aydin to discuss how they use the comic genre to make a difference, and how we can continue to do more.


The Biology of Star Wars

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2:00pm Room 1
Join evolutionary biologist, Dr. Graham Reynolds, as we take a scientific view of the aliens and creatures of Star Wars and speculate on what kind of environment would have created beings of this kind.

Eco Tipping Points Theory: How to Save the World

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2:00pm Room 2

Fantasy author and environmental activist (Donna Glee Williams) and sustainability expert (Michael Figura) lead us in a discussion of Eco Tipping Points Theory. What is it, how can we apply it to our actions, and how should we use this information to save the world?

Comic Books: Modern Day Mythology and Meaning Making

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2:00pm Room 3
Are comic books this generation’s mythology? Experts dissect the fusion of myths and societal narratives, delving into the profound influence of comics on culture and psychology.


Can We Find Life on Other Planets? A Fun Look at Potential Lifeforms

Sunday, Oct. 1, 3:00pm Room 1

We join evolutionary biologist (Dr. Graham Reynolds) along with biologist and tardigrade specialist (Dr. Courtney Clark-Hachtel) to sit and riff their wildest speculations on the potentials of extraterrestrial life!

Off the Page: Journey to Comics

Sunday, Oct. 1, 3:00pm Room 2

Many of our guests have amazing and diverse backgrounds. In this forum, we ask Tom Fleming, Gregory Dickens, Andrew Aydin, and Marcus Williams to share their journey of how they came to the comic book art form.

Traditional Native Art Through Contemporary Means

Sunday, Oct. 1, 3:00pm Room 3

Cherokee artist Jakeli Swimmer discusses the importance and impact of expressing traditional native art and culture through a contemporary art lens.


Crafting Dynamic Covers

Sunday, Oct. 1, 4:00pm Room 1

What makes a great comic book cover? We ask legendary comic book cover artists Frank Cho and Raymond Gay to share their insights.

LGBTQ+ Representation in Comics

Sunday, Oct. 1, 4:00pm Room 2

Explore the essential role of comics in highlighting LGBTQ+ experiences. Join us to discover how creators empower and amplify these narratives within the dynamic comic book world.

Neurodiversity as a Superpower

Sunday, Oct. 1, 4:00pm Room 3

Tap into the power of your unique brain! We talk to clinical mental health counselor (Gordon Smith) and psychologist (Dr. Sheneen Daniels) about the special powers that accompany an “atypical” brain and discuss whether there is such a thing as a “typical” brain.

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