Matt Webb

When Matt Web was a kid, he collected comics and always wanted to work in the industry. In 1985, after years of practice, he started working at Comico and DC comics, coloring titles like Hawkman and Star Trek at DC. He also began working for Dark Horse Comics and was the main colorist on John Byrne’s Next Men and Danger Unlimited, as well as Alien 3 and Robocop. He worked for Marvel in 1990, and colored titles like Spider-Man Annual and –once again– Star Trek. He also did color work on X-Men Unlimited, The Punisher, What If, and the film adaptation of Men in Black. He was also the first colorist to color Hell Boy in Next Men! Matt’s favorite book to date is the Green Lantern graphic novel, Ganthet’s Tale, which was written by Sci-Fi great Larry Niven and illustrated by John Byrne.

Today, Matt is working for American Mythology on the film property Fright Night (based on the movie of the same name) with his good friend Neil Vokes. He is also coloring for Atomic Pulp on various books such as Spacehawk and Crom the Barbarian! Check it out!

He currently lives in Pittsboro,NC, with his beloved wife Lou Ann and their three cats.

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