Matt Knowles


Matt Knowles has his steampunk top hat thrown into a multitude of creative rings: Comic writer, content creator, p.a. announcer / emcee, convention personality. metal musician, podcaster – you name it – he’s involved somehow.

He’s most known as one-half INSYMMETRY CREATIONS, LLC (alongside Steph Cannon) where they have multiple comic & graphic novel titles, including: MISFITZ CLUBHOUSE (an all-ages series on Scout Comics SCOOT! Imprint) HEIRS OF ISILDUR (the apocalyptic sci-fi story set in a steampunk world) and TALES FROM NOCTURNIA (medieval fantasy). There are also two metal music albums that accompany HEIRS and NOCTURNIA.

#TeamINSYM is known for their wild and creative crowdfunding campaigns and unique support merch offerings. Their seven campaigns have raised over $50,000 in total.

Matt has hosted panels and/or moderated at Los Angeles Comic Con, Geek’d Con (Shreveport, LA), SPOOKALA, Collective Con Jacksonville, Ocala Comic Con, Daytona Comic Convention, Tampa Bay Comic Con, and more.

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