Gordon Smith


Gordon Smith is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, coach, and improv instructor living in Asheville, North Carolina. He’s been a counselor for 23 years, a coach for 7, and an improviser for 3. His practice focuses on neurodivergent adolescents, adults, and families (gifted, ADHD, ASD, learning differences, etc). Gordon is passionate about the transformative power of counseling, coaching, play and humor. His clinical and improv work helps people find greater self-trust, greater acceptance of self and others, transcend perfectionism, shift perspectives, integrate disparate parts of ourselves, and come into their fullest expression.

Gordon has lived in Asheville since 1991 and attended Warren Wilson College and Western Carolina University. From 2009-2017, Gordon served as a member of Asheville’s City Council as well as more than a dozen boards and commissions. He lives up in Bingham Heights these days and enjoys writing, improvising, making art, playing chess, being with friends, wandering in the woods, and puttering around the house wondering what he came in here for.

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